Playing Tennis with Covid-19

The new normal?  The new un-normal? – whatever title Playing Tennis with Covid-19 gets, Covid-19 has landed absolutely in every crevice of the world, fortunately for us, we haven’t had any cases at the club and we intend to keep it that way!

So I guess the question would be – what are (we) doing about it?  …and that’s a great question! Most of you know prior to Covid-19 that us tennis pros are germaphobes, LOL!  But seriously we have taken drastic measure to ensure the safety of the people that come into our club.

For starters, everyone has to wear a mask, sanitize their hand, and register a temperature check upon arrival – and speaking of sanitizing, we have installed sanitation stations on every court complete with ph balanced equipment cleaner, towels, and hand sanitizer.  In addition we have 4 wall units of hand sanitizer, the upstairs viewing area is equipped with a sanitizer station as well as in the lobby.  We installed tv monitors that post up to date information and we use ultra-violet lighting each night to sanitize the balls.  Foot traffic is limited to one direction entrance and exit.

The tennis pros must all register their temperatures each day as they enter the building in the morning before working with any of the children.  They must also sanitize their racquets and other teaching aids.

We have gone above and beyond most likely like all establishments are doing these days and it’s well worth it to have a peace of mind for the safety of our players, families, members, children, and staff at the club.

For an entire list of the club policies and procedures please click this link.

Be safe all!