Private Instruction

With over 100 years of combined teaching experience and a modern approach focused on learning and it’s application, our professional certified and fully insured teaching staff has the experience, ability, and expertise to help you develop your game and meet your goals.

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Private instruction is solely based upon your needs with the guidance of the pro of your choice.  A detailed and thorough approach is applied with the purpose of building confidence and character and enhancing your game.

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Tactical Instruction

Tactical lessons are built around tennis theory as it relates to your style of game. Its about how to diagnose opponent weakness and impose your strengths.


Hitting Instruction

This type of instructional lesson is a groove and rhythm session of live ball hitting with a pro or as a semi-private lesson. The pro is making adjustments tactically and technically all while keeping the flow of the session.


Technical Instruction

A solid core of technical foundation will enhance and grow your game. Foundational concepts include stroke production, perception, and movement.


Playing Instruction

The emphasis of playing instruction is through match and set play as well as situational concepts. The pro will instruct on the when and why theories of point play, help diagnose opponent style, and make the adjustments.

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