Our Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission & Philosophy – Kinetix Tennis LLC maintains that it shall develop each player, both adult and junior, to the highest level possible, training consistently through clinic and private lessons.

The mission – each interaction on court will be professionally developed to strengthen the skill set needed to be successful in the development process. Kinetix Tennis LLC agrees to incorporate competitive drills and lessons in compliance with USTA rules and regulations.


If you look up the definition of “Philosophy”, you will come across many buzz words like,”fundamental” and “discipline”. Here at Kinetix Tennis, our philosophy is in alignment with those words.

We want to provide all of the resources possible to enhance your tennis experience on a multi-faceted level. Within our philosophy we strive to fulfill all of your tennis needs with our talented Tennis Professionals, our Pro Shop, court reservations, contract availability, and clinics designed to push you to a new level!

Every time that you want to step on the court, we want you to have a seamless experience, with a Tennis Professional, in a learning environment conducive to the level you are playing.

The customer experience is the cornerstone Our Mission & Philosophy within this company. Your feedback has always been important to our company for your growth, pleasure, and development in tennis!

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