Kinetix Tennis is your spot for a plethora of league play.  We host some of the best leagues in the area including BUXMONT, USTA Team, USTA Mixed, USTA Flex, Flex Leagues, Owners League and more.

We have options for all players at all levels juniors and adults.

If you are interested in learning more simply contact info@kinetixtennis.com and we will have you playing in no time at all.

Owners League

The Owners League is highest level of play the club offers with a range of 4.0-5.5 players.  Both men and women teams compete on weekends against the other local clubs.  Competition is a timed two hour format featuring doubles play.

USTA League

The USTA offers leagues at every level of play.  Players create their own teams and them select a home club to play.  There are many types of USTA leagues including men’s, women’s, and mixed.  For more info on how to form your team visit www.usta.com

USTA Flex League

It’s your call.  Join the USTA through the USTA and we provide a place to play.  It’s just like renting a court.  You bring your own balls, report your own scores to the USTA.  You’re just playing when it’s convenient for you and your opponent.  Ad in!


The BUXMONT League at Kinetix is a multi-club league with other clubs in Montgomery and Bucks county.  A women’s doubles league that features three different tiers of teams.  Kinetix has two A Teams, six B Teams, and one C Team.

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