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Contract Application 2022-2023

Dear Kinetix Tennis Contract Time Member,

In an ongoing effort to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our facility, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the upcoming adjustments to the 2022/2023 Contract season.

We have implemented a new standard time frame for contract schedules.  This will allow all courts to begin and end in a more orderly fashion while allowing all programs to focus on energy conservation while maximizing court usage.  This means that you may see a slight adjustment in the start and end times available for your desired times.  For all contracts, this is a necessary adjustment however no contract times are adjusted more than 30 min earlier or later.

Secondly, we are only offering contract times in spaces where we have ample court space to sell.  This will allow us to maximize our space for contract time as well as our teaching and programming hours while providing potentially quieter times for those playing who are not accustomed to having to play next to a teaching court.

Thirdly we are able this year to offer a 32 week season for contract times with 16 weeks before the Christmas break and an additional 16 weeks after the New Year.

Finally, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued support and dedication to keeping our facility clean and COVID free during this tumultuous year.  Our staff, members and community all benefit when everyone does their part.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!

Chris Sanni – Kinetix Director of Adult Programming

215-300-6321 c or 610-539-6700, option 5

Contract Application 2022-2023

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