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Kinetix Summer Camp is all about evolving the process for which kids learn and retain information.  Director of Instruction Vince Giannone has specifically designed the summer camp program to meets the needs of an ever changing world.  We currently offer four different options of camp that are specific to the level of the individuals.

Our FUNdamentals camp is designed for recreational players that love to play games and want to explore tennis, the performance camp is for the player that wants to be competitively challenged, the high school camps are tailored to sharpen students to get ready for tryouts, and the invitational is a camp for those who compete in USTA/UTR tournaments and collegiate play.



Fundamentals is our games based recreational camp designed for those that are exploring tennis as beginners or intermediate players. Teaching is based on a games style of play which develops the fundamental skills for a strong base player development.

Ages: 5-14
Levels: 1-4


High School Preparation

This camp features skills and drills development for players to prepare for tryouts for their high school or middle school team. An emphasis is placed on situational tactics and strategy for doubles play as well as singles.

Ages: 14-18
Levels: 4-7


Performance Tennis Camp

The performance camp is designed for the player that is looking for the next step in their player development. This camp is more intensive and offers a variety of learning through drills, footwork, tactics, strategy, stroke productions, and point play.

Ages: 8-18
Levels: 6-8


Invitational Intensive Camp

This camp is for players specifically invited by the Director. The hyper focus of intensity, drilling, and player level are for players that are currently competing in USTA or UTR tournaments or play high positions on their school teams. Advanced tactics and strategy, pattern play, tennis theory, identifying player styles, flexibility and core development are among the highlights of the camp.

Ages: 10-18
Level: 8

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