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Its all about having fun!  Our summer camp program consists of a super fun experience that focuses on enjoying your tennis while improving and developing your tennis game.  Our camp is games based, so your child will learn the sport through the use of specifically tailored games.  That means kid are having fun but learning at the same time.
Three camps to choose to fit your specific needs!
  • The Recreational Camp - for students that are recreational players, just learning the game, or trying tennis out for fun

  • The Performance Camp - this camp is for the competitive player that is actively competing in tournaments and high school varsity
  • The Invitational Camp - for committed players that are willing to go above and beyond the usual training schedule

FUNdamentals Recreational Camp

  Red Ball - Ages 5-6 - Specialized age appropriate nets and racquets.  Build a strong athletic base through Agility, Balance, Coordination. Directing a ball to a defined space. Sending ball with good technique. Grips, ready positions, and home bases positions are emphasized.

  Orange Ball - Ages 7-8 - Specialized age appropriate nets and racquets.  More complex athletic skills are developed. Focus is on technical development, grips,  ground strokes, and serving with balance. Understanding and learning basic tactics.

  Green Ball - Ages 9-10 - Working towards the ability to rally with speed, height, and depth in all directions. Building weapons, typically the serve and forehand. Continue to define athletic skills needed to play tennis. Crossover steps, balance and speed and advanced footwork.

  Yellow Ball - Ages 11-18 - Emphasis on learning tactics and technique through play. Starting a pathway toward High School tennis. Practicing strokes for success in the 5 situations of play. Players are building weapons.  Serve, forehand and the ability to be aggressive and attack short and softer balls.

Camps run daily from 9-4pm with early and late drop off options at no extra charge.  Come to camp for a half days or for full days.

*Multiple week discounts and family discounts available - deducted during the checkout process


Performance Camp & Invitational Camp

Performance and Invitational camp is for advanced players wanting to improve and develop their game for competition.  Students are exposed to high intensity and situation training scenarios that mimic the tactical and strategical moments of competition.  Players will be engaged in a competitive environment that pushes one another while fostering a team atmosphere.

Invitational camp - players are evaluated by the Director of Instruction Vince Giannone.  

For an evaluation or questions or to sign up -

Professional Instructors
All the Kinetix Tennis instructors have passed all the state clearances and FBI background checks.  In addition, all professional instructors are certified tennis teachers.


Camp Guidelines

Masks must be worn to enter the building by children and parents – children will be required to wear a mask during non-activity times.  Please bring masks for your children as well as an additional clean shirt.  We also encourage you to bring additional germicidal products.  Please note we have set up stations everywhere around the building, but if it is an additional comfort for you to bring your own please do!

All activities will be focused around learning and fun, but we will institute recommended social distancing guidelines (see below).  We will use stations and dots to maintain 6 feet, including how we break and go to lunch.  In addition, our intention is to keep the students within the same group and instructor for the entire week.

Club and Camp

One-way traffic – the front door is designated for entrance only and the side door is exit only.  Both doors are clearly marked with signs and graphics on the floor.

Check-in - 8:45am (club doors will be locked prior to 8:45am)

  • Outside the front entrance – main parking lot
  • Temperature Check – required to enter building for camp
  • One family member may accompany child in the building
  • Sign in and turn in forms and waivers
  • No early drop-off this year

Assigned Seated Areas for Lunch and Breaks:
  • Each child will have their own space six feet from others
  • Store lunch and equipment under table
  • Designated with Name Tags

Breaks/Lunch/What to Bring:
  • Staggered breaktimes and lunch
    • Not all students will break and eat lunch at same time
  • BRING EXTRA WATER – water fountain will not be accessible to students – if you run out of water an instructor can fill up for the student however we would like to try and avoid the touching of equipment
  • Snacks/food /lunch– no sharing
  • Bring hand sanitizer/wipes – we do have numerous stations as well
  • Tennis equipment/breaktime games (not to be shared)

Pick-up - 4:00pm:
  • No Late pick-up this year
  • Sign child out

  • Balls will be sanitized each break with UV germicidal lights
  • Students are required to wash hands prior to each break
  • No touching or handshaking
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times
  • On court sanitization stations
  • PH neutral cleaning products will be used to disinfect equipment

Standards and Guidelines:
  • Please refer to the following USTA guidelines for Tennis Safety.  Our mission is to follow all standards: USTA Safety Guidelines
  • Please refer to the CDC guidelines: Guidelines
  • Please refer to the PA State Guidelines/Resources: Guidelines




*Please note registration is on a 1st come first serve basis.  Each registration is refundable minus a $100 refund fee for full week registrations and $75 for half week registrations.