Kinetix Tennis is a community driven tennis facility.  However, you do not have to be a member of Kinetix Tennis for instruction or to rent courts, but you will receive discounted rates if you are a member of the club.  Our membership rates are extremely competitive with the average club membership rates.

*Membership is required to participate in club leagues and contract times.

Membership benefits include the following discounts:  Beginning 9-1-19
  • DISCOUNTED Court time
  • DISCOUNTED Instructional clinics
  • DISCOUNTED Private Lessons
  • Access to league play
  • Buy and play in contract time

*All Contract players MUST have a Kinetix Tennis Membership during the contract season.


Code of Conduct

Kinetix Tennis Members and guests must always:


·        Exhibit good sportsmanship on the court

·        Refrain from foul language both on the court and in the building

·        Wear appropriate clothing (no sleeveless shirts for men, no black soled sneakers)


Kinetix Tennis Members and guests may never:



  • Verbally harass or abuse other members, guest, staff or visitors
  • Threaten anyone verbally or physically with violence or act violently 
  • Abuse the court or facility
  • Throw racquets, equipment, etc 
  • Be visibly intoxicated


Members, guests, or visitors to the club who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to suspension from the club


Physical violence or other unlawful behavior will result in immediate suspension from the club


 Generally, any violations of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with as follows:


·        First Offense: verbal and/or written warning

·        Second Offense: indefinite suspension

·        Third Offense: permanent suspension


It is the member and guest responsibility to abide by these rules and regulations.