Junior Excellence Cup Performance Pathway Event

  • Timed matches in a pre-determined format
  • Juniors are dvided into flights based on level
  • Games are totaled to determine winner of Singles Cup
  • Games are totaled to determine winner of Team Cup
  • Team Cup winnners take home trophy and share for one month
  • Singles Cup winner takes trophy home for one month


...and we are off to Beijing, the final stop of the Evolution Kids Tennis World Tour.  Be ready for some ping pong, the famous chopstick challenge, and building a great wall.  So I'm sure you guessed this but yes we will have Chinese food too!  This tour event will be played on hard courts and wil be some serious fun!   November 30th, 2018 6-8pm


Do you come from the land down unda?  Come out and compete Australian style tennis mate!  ...but don't expect things to always be right side up!?! Australia is below the equator right?  So beware of crocodiles and vegemite sandwiches and kick off your year in Melbourne, no not really, but we will simulate the famous Australian tournament, have some BBQ, play some games, and have lots of fun!

January 25th, 2019

Ahhh, ciao! (hello in Italian) Have some pasta, meatballs, pizza, and anything Italian as the Evolution Kids Tennis World Tour makes their stop in Rome!  We're going to pretend this tennis tour stop is played on clay courts.  So if you want to have lots of fun, then you won't want to miss this world tour event.

Dates will be announced soon!  Please check back

Bonjour, mon nom est Pogba, nah thats soccer!  And we are off to Paris to play on the clay courts of Roland Garros where the clay is brick orange and time to get dirty.  Yup, we're probably going to have a baguette race and build a gigantic Jenga Eiffel Tower - if we don't knock it over with a blistering serve!

Dates will out so soon!  We promise!

No we are not going to the royal wedding, but we are headed to London to compete in the most famous event of all time, Wimbledon.  This is a grass court event, well not really, but we'll use our imagination and play some grass court tennis.  Oh yeah, you have to wear all white clothing for this World Tour event, underground maze, and treasure hunt.  We might just have some strawberries too, ok, maybe strawberry milkshakes.

Did we mentions the dates are coming soon?

If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere! New York New York!  Home to our country's biggest tennis tournament, the US Open.  Played on hard courts on the now famous blue and green colors.  We're going to have a special graffiti wall, movie star sunglasses, hot dogs, and maybe, just maybe, some pizza bagels.

We are very serious, the dates will be announced very soon!