Adult Tennis

Kinetix Tennis offers a wide range of adult tennis options at Kinetix Tennis. Whether you are looking for social play, lessons, clinics or USTA leagues, we have you covered.  ...and the best part of it all is if you don't see something that you like, just contact us.  Private clinics are customizable to your specific group needs.

Current Adult Schedule:

Monday - BuxMont Warmup (B Team)  - Live Ball (4.0/3.5/3.0)
Tuesday - 3.5/4.0 Open Drill - Tennis 101
Wednesday - C Team Practice - A Team Practice - Tennis 101
Thursday - C Team Practice - B Team Practice - Tennis 101
Friday - B Team Practice - BuxMont Warmup (A Team)
Saturday - Tennis Fitness Cardio Class (All Levels)
Sunday - Co-Ed Intermediate (3.0/3.5) - Mens Doubles Drill (3.5/4.0)


BuxMont A Team
A Team players are invited for a hybrid of instruction, situational, tactical, and cardio based drilling.



BuxMont B Team
B Team players are welcome to come out and get a solid workout focused on improving tactics and shot selections, as well providing a cardio blast.


BuxMont C Team
C Team players can join us to improve positioning, shot mechanics, and tactics/strategy.  Always a good workout too.


Adult Live Ball
Fast paced cardio drilling to pump up your Mondays.  This workout is comprised of situational play with a small dose of instruction.


Co-ed Drills and More
Co-ed drills are a hybrid of situational and instruction drilling.  Fun and fast paced with just the right amount of instruction.


Tennis 101

Come out and have some fun, bring a friend or just yourself, or meet new people.  Our introduction to tennis will get you playing in no time.  You don't need a racquet - just some sneakers and smile.